Our Appliance Consignment Program

Gently Used Appliances @ Appliances To Go!Published November 30, 2010 at 11:40 AM No Comments

We are always looking for quality, used appliances to display in our showroom. If you have unwanted appliances because:

  • You recently remodeled your home,
  • You recently relocated,
  • You have appliances in storage,
  • Do not want to bother with classified ads,
  • You don’t like waiting on “no shows,”
  • Your garage or shed is bulging,

Then our consignment program if for you.

We have two programs. Earn what you want, or earn what you can! State how much you want from the sale, or our “MINIMUM” amount, or, take a gamble and receive 50% of the sale! Your choice. Fair enough?

Consign your appliance today at this link!!