Our Guarantee!

Gently Used Appliances @ Appliances To Go!Published November 30, 2010 at 3:08 PM No Comments

WE OFFER A FREE 30 DAY GUARANTEE ON APPLIANCES! Our inventory is acquired from a variety of resources through our growing network of appliance jobbers in the mid-Atlantic region; not to mention local consignments, foreclosures, rehabilitated properties, public storage facilities, apartment complexes and many more. Think of us like a broker of used appliances. Each appliance is fully tested, cleaned, sanitized and placed on our show room floor for public display as well as our online inventory showroom.

We’ve collected a few “real” comments made by lazy classified ad sellers, and quite frankly we became rather amused by them! Here’s a few!

  • “The washer works fine but the dryer probably needs a new belt.” Our reply?, “Get a new belt?”
  • “There are a couple of small rusted spots, the door of the fridge needs to be pushed in to shut it completely.” Our reply? Sand, paint and fix it!”
  • “Needs a new thermostat, I called and a new one will cost $30.00.” Our reply?, spend $30 and replace it!
  • “Everything works just needs to be cleaned real bad.” Our reply? Clean it?”
  • “Works great needs to be cleaned out, hasn’t been used in awhile.” Our reply? Clean it out? (This is a refrigerator. Must smell great.)
  • “I never plugged them in to see if they work, my guess is they will need some work.” Our favorite!

We’ll be honest. We compete with your local classified ads, online ad venues, yard sales, newspapers and bulletin boards. Ask yourself these questions. If you purchased an appliance through one of these resources, will the seller offer you a guarantee? Not likely. What happens when you get it home and it doesn’t work? Will the seller deliver it too? Probably not. This is where we come in. Although our guarantee is limited, it provides you time to install, test and use your appliance to your satisfaction. If anything goes wrong, we are here to correct it; whether it’s a repair, replacement or refund. We want you satisfied…. period.